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Plans: User Accounts, Profiles, Registration and Imports
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See PHI804, which encounters a confusing invite behavior on this install; possibly equivalent to T10071.

See PHI774, which discusses planning the pathway on T5953 and likely T3980. These are large tasks, but should be plannable today.

See T12877. The "Can Browse User Directory" permission is misleading, and I believe it could be turned into a somewhat more useful "Can View User Profiles" permission without any gaping issues.

It would be nice to:

  • Expose transactions on user profiles now that we're moving more toward a proper, modern transaction model.
  • Move more user edits to transactions.
  • Move approve/disapprove to distinct transactions instead of overlapping them with "disable".
  • Perhaps provide bin/user with actions like enable, disable, etc., and eventually move away from the weird legacy-ish bin/accountadmin.

On this install, it would be nice to have an editable piece of login/registration remarkup. (We previously supported a piece of HTML, but removed it on security grounds; Remarkup is more survivable.)

T6703 is perhaps a stretch, but a meaningful authentication provider issue.

T7667 is not terribly difficult and nice to have a hardening measure.