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Merge Chatlog into Conpherence, or remove it
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Chatlog should either be merged into Conpherence (the bot would just make a read-only thread and post messages to it) or removed once we move off IRC (there are plenty of other chat logging apps available for IRC).

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This is considered a v2 item so might as well get it done or at least talk about it a bit so it can be V3+ :D

Options are

  • just kill the chatlog
    • easiest
  • have bots post to a read-only chat room
    • read-only can be accomplished with permissions already
    • need to store some sort of map of irc channel => conpherence thread
    • should probably have UI to tell users to join the chat room via IRC
  • add a preference to conpherence threads to configure pulling in data from irc channel(s) -- seems similar to ideas about getting a "feed" going into the chat
    • whackiest
  • do nothing, keep chatlog

My inclination is to push to v3+ or go the bots posting to a read-only chat room route. This would let us kill the /chatlog/ UI but we'd still keep bot code around.

Some related thoughts

  • I was thinking that maybe people get a lot of utility out of the bot in the IRC chat room as opposed to the logging directly. Switching to conpherence from IRC gets you most bot power via remarkup, but maybe there's other missing stuff or switching to Conpherence from IRC is a no go?
  • "read only chat rooms populated by bots" -- sounds like a log such as an error log

My inclination is to push to v3+ or go the bots posting to a read-only chat room route.

Yeah, I favor pushing this whole mess into v3+.

I imagine a "bots and API" iteration in v3 or v4. I'd expect to come out of that with bots posting into chatrooms (not necessarily read-only, but if you really want a chatlog, strictly, then you could do that too).

btrahan removed a parent task: T7570: Conpherence v2 Cleanup.