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ParameterQueryException in Chatlogs
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I was reading about composer in T1116: Function __phutil_autoload should probably not throw an exception if it is the only registered autoload function
and clicked the link in the last comment:

Resulting in:

Unhandled Exception ("AphrontParameterQueryException")
Expected a numeric scalar or null for %Ld conversion. Query: id IN (%Ld)

It seems that the links where changed from channel names to using just id's.
Although this probably won't cause any problems i think a hard query exception when changing some url params is never good...

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We're likely removing Chatlog T6875, but I guess we'll still want these links to work?

I guess if needed the links would then be just handled by the conpherence controller.
If not just showing a "deprecated" message would be nice.

Both is better than a sql exception ;)

I mean, Chatlog (as an IRC log product) is likely to just be outright removed, so old links would just be 404. Conpherence would be the home for things like #phabricator moving forward, but it'd be self contained, not wired to IRC.

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Ah ok. I see.
Guess it's not worth fixing this then.

Haha, I was going to leave it up to @epriestley, I don't know if those plans are firm or soon.

This is an easy fix (something like adding an (int) cast) but I think it's probably not worth fixing unless Chatlog ends up having a longer / healthier life than we anticipate.