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Chatlog is missing many features modern applications have
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We configured our chatlog to public, but it looks like there's a bug because a login is still required.


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Haha, you've gotta say "chatlog policies work too well" so I don't freak out and think this is a security issue. :)

Ha! I didn't think about the title of my Task.

There are a handful of issues here:

  • Some general infrastructure/plumbing stuff (fixed by D8746).
  • There's no way to set an individual channel's visibility to "public" right now. We need to add some edit controls for that. (That is, after D8746 you'll get a channel list instead of a login screen, but the list will always be empty.)
  • We should probably do a general pass on this application while we're in here and bring it up to spec with ApplicationSearch and ApplicationTransactions.

Also, It'd be nice to:

  • order by most recent
  • search chat logs
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