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Support changing default sort of a workboard
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Nov 25 2014, 10:10 PM
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Sometimes it makes sense for it to be "natural" other times "priority"; we should probably leave up the decision to the product owner/what have you that "owns" a specific project.

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Mabe the request here is that workboard filters set by users should be sticky, whatever they are. Now they need to be set manually every time you land in a board. See another request in these lines at

This would be very helpful to us during our daily sprints. I described our use case in another ticket before finding this ticket: T8056: Set workboard default filter.

Workboards would be a lot more useful if we could do this.

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This would be extremely useful for our sprint boards (either a default or stickiness).

I'm think just going to put a "Save Current as Default" or similar at the bottom of the menu (and another one at the bottom of the filter menu) since I think those are sufficient here. Two possible concerns:

  • Kind of wordy?
  • Kind of doesn't make it clear that it's a project default vs a user default?
  • (Should it be a user default? Probably not.)

But it'll just pop a confirm dialog anyway which can explain that so maybe I'll just say "Set as Default" and let the dialog do the rest of the talking.

Digging into, I think the actual request there was ultimately not per-board stickiness or per-user stickiness ("the menu remembers the last thing you set it to, and remains set to that if you close and reopen the window"), but an option to save particular filters into the filter menu ("Save a particular filter as 'No Patches Yet' and add it as an option to the filter menu for all users").

I think all of the other requests here are asking about defaults ("when a user opens the board in a new window, what order/filter is applied?") and that's what I've implemented so far.

Since the WMF request is more than a year old, I'm not sure if it's still relevant or important. If WMF (or other users) are interested in "Create saved searches for each board", can you file a new task? I think that's probably reasonable to implement at some point if there's interest, but probably won't make it into this iteration since it's a bit of work.

A workaround for this is to:

  • Apply the filter.
  • Copy the URL.
  • Add it as a link to the project menu (ManageEdit Menu).

Then you'd have a menu with two items, like:

  • Workboard
  • Workboard, No Patches Yet

You can name the second item whatever you want. I'm not sure if that's better/good enough/worse for your use case.

Note that I've also fixed ("Advanced filter..." not prefilling with current filter) by stumbling into it.

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@kaldari Most of this ticket is asking for "save priority as the default order" and/or "save 'open tasks' as the default filter" or something similar. Those were implemented by D15260, and are now supported. You can see them in action on this install, and D15260 has a couple of screenshots of the feature. was also linked above, but is ultimately asking for a slightly different feature. I discussed that feature too, including a possible workaround, for completeness, since I was closing this task and didn't want to leave it unaddressed.

Please be respectful when interacting with the upstream on this install. Even if I had overlooked something when reading the task, you gain nothing by berating me for incompetence.

@epriestley: Yes, I misread the comment and subsequently deleted my response. My apologies.