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Remove dedicated "Jump Nav" navigation element
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After some discussion, let's just throw this away and see if anyone notices. There's a strong chance it's an "epriestley feature".

Original Description

The homepage currently features an element called the "Jump Nav" which is a sort of CLI for Phabricator:


I think most users do not use this element very much (and, in the time since we built it, the global search has picked up a lot of its powers), but I use it pretty frequently. We should make it available as a dashboard panel.

To do this:

  • Subclass PhabricatorDashboardPanelType to create a new panel type.
  • Make it provide a jump nav kind of thing.
  • Yep.

The jump nav exists in PhabricatorHomeMainController.

It's okay for this to be a bit copy/paste heavy, since it looks like Dashboards are a suitable replacement for the homepage and we'll be able to delete the old stuff in a bit. It also does not need to look particularly like the current version does, just have the same overall behavior (roughly: type D123 into a box to quickly jump to object D123).

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Or: does anyone use this but me? Should we just get rid of it? I like it but I can use the search box instead.

Is there anything missing from search this does instead?

Not really. It autofocuses, is bigger, and is more discoverable, but the two fields are identical in terms of what happens when you type stuff into them and hit enter.

There's technically an option to disable the jump behaviors in Search, so it's conceivable that some users have that set (so search is "just search") and use jump nav for the jump behaviors, but it's hard for me to imagine that's more than a tiny number of users.

I guess I'd say let's just remove it and see who complains? I think 99% of users won't miss this or even notice it's gone, and the other 1% will probably be satisfied with "just use search now". We can rename the "Jump Nav" document to "Advanced Search Features" or something.

@bigo, you're my best guess for a user who might miss this if we throw it away. Any strong feelings about retaining the jump nav element on the home page specifically?

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