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Show work board column names as part of task basic information in query results and reference link popups
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I think where a task is displayed in a "box" in the UI, it displays ID, title, priority (through color-coding) and associated project(s). For completeness, if the task is in a work board, it should show the column name as well.

Since a task might be in multiple projects, one way of doing this would be to replace the "project" bubbles by "project {SEPARATOR} column" bubbles.

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I guess column name should also be reflected in the popup that appears when mouse hovering on a task link if that's not already the case.

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After T5090, I'd like to try to make these elements tall enough to include the icons, which I think will help reinforce differentiation between project types. We could look at adding columns at the same time.

However, it would be nice to do this without significantly impacting the amount of vertical space a task item requires.

(On mobile, we could hide the columns; I'm not sure if seeing more tasks or seeing more columns is likely to be more important. See also T3574.)

We also might need to move the column relationship off of Edges infrastructure -- it's an odd three-point relationship (task, project, column) and I think some of the queries end up doing a lot of work right now.

T4807 may motivate switching off edges, too, since it implies we need new order storage for the "don't arrange by anything" view.

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it would also be great if task's board column name could be used in Herald rule.

We don't plan to support that. See T5474.

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I don't currently plan to do this. At a bare minimum, T5474 may moot it.