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Change typeaheads to use FontAwesome instead of old icons
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Pretty sure FontAwesome is sticking, so we should replace the typeahead icons with FontAwesome icons. I'm giving this to @btrahan but maybe it is a @chad thing.

Original Description

D8705 specific - can we get the "package" application icon as a "status" icon?

other requests - "group of people" and "tag" would be good options at a minimum, and then maybe a "milestone marker", "sprinting silhouette", and some ZANY icons. These might already exist.

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where are these being displayed?

These are in the typeahead. You can see them for example by going here


Selecting "Add auditors" and typing in stuff. This example will let you see user, package, and project. (Overall, this seems to be coming from the "status" sprites.)

(also we have to update secure for this example to be true.)

This thing, specifically:

Screen_Shot_2014-04-04_at_12.36.07_PM.png (186×923 px, 19 KB)

Having a "just one silhouette" for "users" might be better than the current icon, too.

Also we could use one for "repository".

Added (im)moral dependencies.

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So both Glyphicons and FontAwesome has woff files that are (I'm pretty sure, maybe double check) licensed for us to include in Phabricator.

This would get a a bajillion icons as a font/unicode with any scale or color. For about 40kb.

but then the pixels won't be hand-crafted

I'm just going to go for adding Glyphicons by font-include, which gives us all icons, all colors, all sizes for much less kb than we get today.

Font Awesome is also an option (additively) but only supports back to IE8. Do we have an official supported list of browsers? I think in general we support back to IE8 and IE7 is 'you get what you get'.

I think in general we support back to IE8 and IE7 is 'you get what you get'.


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All of FontAwesome is available now, which should hold us for a while.