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Update Hovercards
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Apr 20 2017, 12:21 AM
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Apr 20 2017, 12:25 AM
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Hovercards could use a general update. A lot of them don't show much information and aren't terribly useful.

  • User hovercards got an update recently and are fairly good, but if a user is attending an event with a long name the text can overflow (I didn't manage to grab a screenshot of this).
  • Project hovercards are mostly okay, but the body just shows active/policy. Better might be showing members? Looks like we don't show super/subprojects either.
  • It would be nice if task hovercards could put the name in the title, maybe, more like project hovercards? And get better alignment on details, like user/project hovercards?
  • Most other hovercards have little or no useful information but could use some. For example, repository hovercards have basically nothing: rP

We could also consider adding contextual hints to hovercards, like "Author" when you're on a task and hover over the hovercard of the user who happens to be the author. Unclear if this is terribly useful, but it's easy to add technically.

A more specific example might be showing which column a task is in when you hover over a project hovercard on that task. That is, the hovercard can communicate "The task you are looking at is tagged with the project you are hovering over" and "it's in the XYZ column".

A driving use case here was Owners hovercards:

  • They could show who owns the package.
  • They could show paths, or at least repositories?
  • On revisions and audits, they could possibly show review information in a contextual way.

Also, Maniphest doesn't use ModularTransactions yet so a lot of its transactions don't pick up hovercards. Probably easier to convert it than deal with these individually.

Event Timeline

@chad, a lot of this is probably ultimately design -- how much passion do you feel for hovercards? The infrastructure is in good shape and I can add the "context hint" piece pretty easily if we want to look at that. Not sure if this is a bigger/more complicated project that you don't want to touch for the moment or whatever, though.

T5100 also wants something like this on task hovercards, which I think isn't unreasonable:

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 5.25.01 PM.png (163×331 px, 16 KB)

I'd just redo them on a case by case basic. Too many variables.

Pick three and I'll spruce them up today/tomorrow.

Tasks, projects, owners packages.

Let me know if you want the context-sensitive stuff.

Yeah, if you know what information you want.