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Show Herald effects on objects in object transaction logs
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When Herald acts on an object (by, e.g., adding reviewers or changing the owner) the change should be reflected in the object's transaction log and attributed to the appropriate Herald rule.

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We have been running Phabricator for quite a while now.

Lately we noticed that we are unable to claim/re-assign tasks. While a notification is sent out (email) and a comment begins to show up in the bug's history, the task remains assigned to the previous person.

We tried upgrading to the latest version of Maniphest/Phab but to no avail. Any ideas about how to debug this further?

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It seems to work properly on this install. One theory is that someone has written a Herald rule which always assigns the task to them. You can check for this by going to Herald -> Transcripts, finding the transcript for the task edit, and then clicking "View Transcript". The detail page should show you if Herald took any actions.

OMG! I feel so stupid about this one!

I had created a Herald rule which assigned all bugs without a project to me so that I could fix the project in those bugs. Now I see the correlation that this was happening for bugs where project was missing.

From a usability perspective, would it be any useful if an action performed on a Maniphest task indicates that it was performed by Herald Rule x?

Yeah, Herald actions should definitely show up in the transaction log, we just haven't quite gotten around to making that work. Let me repurpose this task to fix that explicitly, since it has a good example. :)

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Thank you :). I can't say this enough, but have to repeat this once again - thanks for building Phabricator and sharing it :).

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I'm going to bump this down in priority since the rest of it is tricky to act on for a while and it will probably drag out for a bit. D8404 fixes the specific issue you ran into, and records owner changes in the transaction records (here's an example):

Screen_Shot_2014-03-04_at_6.57.43_PM.png (146×1 px, 19 KB)

D8405 adds similar records for all Differential rules, which will apply fully as T2222 resolves.

The remaining cases are:

  • Pholio: Easy to swap over, I just didn't want to mingle it into D8404 since it would have added a lot more surface area to test. This can be done at any time. This is only CCs.
  • Maniphest: Projects and CCs don't generate transactions. These currently use nonstandard transactions which are messy to build. It would be cleaner to wait until we standardize them to swap them over.
  • Diffusion: Audits need to transition to proper ApplicationTransactions before we can really attack this. They also only fire once, so there's much less ambiguity.

I think none of these are likely to cause much confusion, and we can clean them up once other infrastructure changes make the cleanup easier and/or as users run into issues.

epriestley edited this Maniphest Task.
  • Maniphest projects should work now.
  • Maniphest CCs won't work until T5604.
  • Diffusion is mostly updated but the initial interaction still isn't (T4896).
  • Haven't touched Pholio, this is still an easy fix that we just haven't gotten around to.

Support Impact Inconsistent and confusing, although mostly fixed now.

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Cool if I yoink this? Yoink back if you're working on it.

I think the direct work here is Pholio and then T5604.

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(whoops, I don't know why I selected "resolve" and not "reassign")

Putting this upforgrabs as its just blocked on T5604 now and otherwise works. (i.e. Maniphest doesn't work everything else does.)

I'm just going to merge this into T5604, I think it will be hard to do that without getting this at the same time.