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Synchronous accepts for the same project produce a misleading error
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  • Project "Secret" contains users "Alice" and "Bob".
  • The "Secret" project is added as a group reviewer on a diff.
  • Alice selects "accept" from the actions dropdown, and leaves the default of accepting on behalf of herself and Secret; she does not yet hit "Submit."
  • Simultaneously, Bob does the same thing, leaving both checkboxes selected, but not hitting "Submit."
  • Alice then hits "Submit," which proceeds flawlessly.
  • Bob hits Submit, and receives the message:

Ideally, this would be a silent no-op, not a message that might imply to Bob that he is no longer a member of the Secret group.

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alexmv created this task.Jun 12 2017, 6:13 PM
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Sorry, just pulling that out. 4d2c7e4d3d5d61e34b7e2af3df0e901d89d29433

Presuming resolved by T12757 (May 25).

Beautiful. Sorry for not finding that.