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Calendar Notification is not respecting my Time Zone Settings
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i have slight Problems with Notifications sent by the calendar app. My selected Timezone doesn't seem to be applied to reminders sent by mail.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set User preferences for Timezone to something different than UTC, e.g. Europe/Berlin (UTC +1).
  2. Create a Calendar entry with start-time at (for example) 8:00

Expected Results:
Now I should get an Notification by mail at 07:45 reminding me that i have a calendar entry that needs my attention.

Actual Results:
I do get a Notification at 07:45. The confusing part: In the mail message it says sth. like "XXX is starting in 15 minutes, at Mon, Mar 6, 07:00." The timing seems to be 1 Hour off, I suspect this could be because the message is not respecting my configured Timezone.

I think the Mail should either be set in my configured Timezone (preferably) or at least give a hint that the Time shown is actually in UTC.

Version Info:

Event Timeline

I would argue that at least for email ("External Targets"), we should always include the timezone when rendering times. When we allowed custom time-format, I've also added it there (Partly because there wasn't the time-zone warning we have now, partly because I kept my phabricator config to PST when traveling, and partly to make copying the time easier).

I think this is a legitimate bug where the viewer's timezone on the event becomes stuck as the last invitee we process, so events with multiple invitees in different timezones can generate mail with the last user's timezone.

I agree that we should always include timezone information in mail. We do for ModularTransactions now, but this mail doesn't use the same logic.

Additionally, we currently render mail timezones as "1:00 AM (UTC+7)", but there's actually a "T" conversion which includes a timezone abbreviation for a given locale that we can use to make this a little more readable.

  • After D17646, event reminder mail should render with timezone information.
  • Additionally, timezone information in this mail and other modern ModularTransactions mail will now render with timezone abbreviations where available: (PDT) instead of (UTC-7), for example.
  • I wasn't able to identify or reproduce any actual bug here. Hopefully the additional information in D17646 will make it clear what's happening. The expectation is that the mail you receive should use the same locale as your account uses in SettingsDate and TimeTimezone, and in all my local attempts to reproduce this that was the case. Note that if an event is scheduled in UTC but instances cross daylight savings time in a particular locale the local time of the event may change. I don't think that's what happened here, just mentioning it. See also T11073.