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What to do with "Application Counts" with MenuItem
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Discussion container for removing / keeping the count. Overall:

  • Not very useful
  • People will complain if removed

So, how to modularly keep? Build into Dashboards? Application?

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Maybe less complainey now that Audit and Differential have fairly sane default "stuff you should do" bucketed queries which can go on a dashboard? But who knows. I tend to think we should make an effort to toss these and see how much pushback we get. In particular, they're very expensive to build relative to their utility (and no one has complained yet that I nuked the Audit count, although it has only been gone for a little while).

In T12136#208145, @chad wrote:

I can vanish them now.



Would it be the same effort to show that there are any vs. no items needing addressed?

Home should be "stuff I need to address". I don't think per-app "counts" really solve anything at this point with customizable dashboards.

Yeah that makes sense. On mobile you don't get the dash but in that scenario you're probably wanting to look at most recently activity and not so much of "what do I have to do today".

The buckets now in Audit also make the count confusing, before I think it was all open audits, but now we break them out like in Differential. Maniphest makes some sense, but not really in any actionable way. I think Nuance though, we should have some sort of count since the goal of that product is "inbox zero".

chad edited projects, added Dashboards (v2); removed Dashboards.

Dropping these doesn't seem to have caused any major pushback.

I think Nuance though, we should have some sort of count since the goal of that product is "inbox zero".

Even in Nuance, you might be responsible for multiple different queues with different priorities.

I think counts may have some kind of future in the product, but whatever it is isn't very clearcut.