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Object Herald Rules for Commits on Projects no longer working as expected
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We use a Project to tag repositories that need to be properly audited and have a Herald rule triggering these audits whenever a commit in these repsoitories comes in that does not have a proper differential attached to it. Since the upgrade to the latest stable (40be2d53743ca3da83b579985e0acad7d852b8d1) this no longer works. Herald Transcripts simply show the rule as failed.

Steps to reproduce (tried on this install):
Create a new Herald Rule as follows:

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 18.37.52.png (596×749 px, 56 KB)

Then grab a Commit Identifier from a Repository tagged with this Project. In this case i used e998f7f5f1f9 from rTRANSLATEWIKI
and ran it through the test console which results in:

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 18.38.45.png (79×413 px, 12 KB)

Event Timeline

I believe this behavior accidentally changed in D16413, on Aug 17 2016. That change caused us to use the commit's project tags instead of the repository's project tags.

Is that timeline consistent with your observations? You previously reported this as related to T11114, but work did not begin there until mid-December 2016. What made you suspect T11114?

Unfortunately i'm not quite sure from exactly which version we've upgraded from. But you're probably right and it was a version before Aug 17.
I regularly read the release logs and in the ones i checked before upgrading (which was about 2-3 months worth of em) the latest Modernisation seemed the only thing touching something related to the problem.
D16413 probably didn't make it into any changelog or was just such a minor note that i didn't see it.

I tested the patch on my install and it restores the old behaviour!

Great, thanks!

Great, thanks for the report! This should now be fixed in HEAD of master, and promote to stable within about 72 hours.