Add option to allow owner packages to be added as reviewers to diffs, when the diff author is in the owner package
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(OPCDA) = Owner package containing diff author

Currently, an OPCDA does not get added automatically. The documentation states that this is intentional, so I'm filing this as a feature request

There should be a global option to automatically add OPCDAs to diffs. This would keep the current behavior intact, while allowing for teams to still require diffs from package owners to pass all of the review requirements.

The root problem is this: Persons A, B, and C are in group X. Group X is a blocking review for diff 1. If person D authors the diff, the blocking review gets added. If person A authors the diff, currently, person E can review the diff, and it will be available to land, meaning no one in group x reviewed the code, despite a rule being set up to ensure this.

fushi created this task.Sep 19 2016, 10:21 PM