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Clean up setIcon() vs setStatusIcon() calls in PHUIObjectItemView
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Can't access to pages with url /config/ and /settings/:


Call to undefined method PHUIObjectItemView::setIcon()


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phabricator - cant view, but now i have fresh update
arcanist 3ae0cc8d41e26218ac5d0871ce6b73d0377288db (17 Aug 2016)
libphutil 9c03af69571fc72d0ecbb13b8f5e243e2ba41a51 (11 Aug 2016)

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This was likely broken by D16418. I think setStatusIcon() provides equivalent functionality, let me take a look.


D16420 restores setIcon() as an alias of setStatusIcon() as a quick fix for the immediate issue, since I found at least two other affected interfaces (Drydock, Almanac) and am not confident there aren't more.

That should stabilize things, and let us swap callsites over at a more leisurely pace.

The fatals should be fixed in HEAD of master. I'm going to retarget this task to clean up the actual method calls, but this should have no user-facing impact.

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