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Add support for Slack integration
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We would really like to be notified on Slack whenever a new commit arrives in Diffusion. The post would contain the typical commit title, author and link to commit webpage. It's pretty useful and a bunch of Git hosting services support this feature.

I looked around Herald but couldn't find a way to do it there. Please let me know if I missed anything.

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I haven't actually looked into it yet, but might support this out-of-the-box (Although their instructions site has lost its SSL at the moment),

http-feed-hooks in your Phacility instance config can push events to Slack. It's basic, but should work today.

I don't think I can change this setting: "Configuration Locked". Can you guys do it for us?

Are you on or your local instance?

It should be open I think on

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Ah, I didn't know you had to edit it at I was looking at the instance config app.

Is there a doc somewhere on how to configure this for Slack though? Can it post only Diffusion updates or does it have to post everything? If the latter, that's going to be way to noisy and won't work I'm afraid.

That's all there is right now. T10363, T5462 are probably most relevant, but there isn't a short, quick path to what you likely want.

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We may pursue this eventually but there are hundreds of hours of work between where we are today and scalable, no-code-required bot support.

("Scalable" in the sense that if you have 100 employees, posting every commit to #general isn't useful.)

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