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Allow tokens to be awarded to comments
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Just filing a proper task. Phabricator always needs more flavor. Also, really like 💯. Need that as a token somehow.

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See T5834 for previous discussion.

My personal not-really-all-that-much-like for this feature is slightly renewed recently by seeing the GitHub implementation, but my only-slightly-begrudging willingness to add it to the product hasn't really changed since T5834#75048.

We could build Zelda's instead.

We need a good "Ph" currency name before I can really get maximally excited about it.

phoenix (like Greece)? phranks?

We should build an RPG-style outfit editor...

nikita.jpg (599×620 px, 113 KB)

We could build Zelda's instead.

:+1 <- is this the internet default for upvoting something?

I feel like the spinning is every-so-slightly-not-centered

Also there's no way to un-synchronize them

eadler added a project: Restricted Project.Aug 5 2016, 5:05 PM