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Comment previews should display user badges under the author's profile image.
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When typing a comment on most objects, user gets to see a preview of the entry under the text field. The preview usually contains the author's profile image, and the image is large enough to display badges under it, like other major events in the object's timeline. So far, it's been tricky to narrow down where the preview is building the profile image html. PHUITimelineEventView.php seems to have part of the preview in a method called renderExtra(). To figure out if this task is trivial or not, it would be helpful to locate the correct code where the comment preview is built, so it's assigned to @epriestley for now, in the hopes that I can be pointed in the right direction.

See also T8941: Badges don't show in certain Timeline conditions and D15543: Changing criteria for showing badges in object timeline view for context.

Event Timeline

Is there an internal Phabricator for the Priestley household where you assign him stuff as well?

There is, but we don't use it very much.

(It mostly has reference stuff like our vehicle VIN numbers, our PG&E account number and credentials, etc. If you hack it, you can pay our electric bill!)

Sorry, Vehicle VIN Identification Numbers.

This is fairly messy and probably not worth fixing until the surrounding code is more modernized.

Normally, transaction events are built, then wrapped in a PHUITimelineView, then rendered. This wrapper adds the badges.

PhabricatorApplicationTransactionResponse renders these previews and doesn't wrap things, so they use a subtly different pathway that never hits the badge code.

These pathways should be unified, but there are a lot of pre-edit-engine callers for PhabricatorApplicationTransactionResponse still (basically, every remaining pre-EditEngine comment workflow). We plan to clean all of these up so this will fix itself over time.

Some of the magic here is also Conpherence-related magic.

Since the impact of this issue is tiny, I think we're better off just waiting until the world is in a better state to resolve it, likely circa T10364.