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Badges don't show in certain Timeline conditions
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Badges don't show it seems when other actions happen in addition to a comment, such as an inline comment in differential or closing a task with a comment action.

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Oh, come on now, You're no fun... Why limit badges? Let users look like russian generals during parade!

I suppose I could just put a number in a circle if you have more than two, forcing you to hover and see the tokens, but fundamentally the main reason I'm opposed to lots of badges is that it greatly diminishes the value of them. I'd love this to be a system where there are 100's of badges -- but you (or we programmatically) need to pick the best two to follow you everywhere. The rest need to stay at the Pokemon Center.

@epriestley, I've dug around in this, but don't really understand timeline rendering after reading the code for the past 20 minutes. Any easy hints?

Let me see if I can give you a skeleton for it.

PhabricatorApplicationTransaction.php is very scary

I think you're right on needing to order the badges by quality. If you have 5, we'd want to show the rarest two.

(This might have some bugs or whatever, idk.)

they certainly contribute to the flavor of the project.

I think they could probably be like 1/2 or 1/3 the size they currently are and still get the point across, maybe.

yeah some bugs, idk

(when it compresses multiple actions, i think)

I think they could probably be like 1/2 or 1/3 the size they currently are and still get the point across, maybe.

I agree. Seems too big. personal opinion

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Here's the remaining bug: when a transaction group mixes a comment and another action, badges are not shown, even though we render the profile image in large size and have space to show them. Here's a screenshot of the bug from this task:

bug.png (206×432 px, 25 KB)

Badges should be shown in the red circle, but are not. I believe the problem is that the first group is "reopen + comment" (does not work), while the second group is comment only (works properly).

D13708 is the change which implemented the original behavior.

I haven't looked at it, so I don't know how easy this is to fix.

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Take a look at this and see how far you can get? It might be really easy but it might also be very involved.

This is done. Minor followup: T10698.