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Unable to add API token credential for CircleCI: PhabricatorDataNotAttachedException
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  • go to Passphrase
  • "new credential"
  • "Token"
  • Enter a name and description
  • make it visible and editable by Administrators
  • paste a token
  • "Save"

I originally ran into this trying to configure CircleCI (ref T9456). Since I don't yet have any credentials, I tried to add one in the build plan setup. The lightbox pops up, I fill it out, and when I submit it the lightbox goes away but the rest of the page remains dimmed.

I get:

Unhandled Exception ("PhabricatorDataNotAttachedException")

Attempting to access attached data on PassphraseCredential (via getImplementation()), but the data is not actually attached. Before accessing attachable data on an object, you must load and attach it.

Data is normally attached by calling the corresponding needX() method on the Query class when the object is loaded. You can also call the corresponding attachX() method explicitly.



phabricator 44c3f06ab96d168f6df6fd665e7d35983060a38b (Tue, Mar 22)
arcanist 3d7ac867f53892b8210339bbb0c5fd91e0e36d78 (Mon, Mar 14)
phutil b4f38af384807b7dcd1e3d1a96e9e9069e4d6964 (Fri, Mar 18)

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Your install is out of date.

rPe3f89279f912 should have resolved this, I believe.

I think that stuff isn't linking because someone is pushing their own branches to the upstream staging repository, making the commits ambiguous. That is, e3f89279f912 is ambiguous as either rPe3f89279f912 or rSTAGINGe3f89279f912.

I guess we can add an option for this somewhere, probably.

(fantastic bug reporting, otherwise)

For completeness, T10651 is the earlier report.

Latest version seems to have fixed this. Sorry for the noise, and thanks for building such an awesome software.

epriestley claimed this task.

Sounds good, let us know if you run into anything else.

(I filed T10667 to followup on the linking issue.)