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On branches, show buildable status of their commits; allow branches to be queried on
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Pulling this post by @epriestley out of D13625 so I can merge a task into it:

I think the goal of this panel is a reasonable one, but maybe we can find a better implementation.

For example, suppose we put a build status icon on branches/tags instead, gave them real PHIDs, and put a SearchEngine in front of them? Then you could just build a completely normal Query panel and show exactly the branches you wanted.

I think that would be a slightly different result set than what this panel shows, but mostly accomplishing the same goal?

So I'd do something like:

  • Go to Diffusion.
  • Click a new "Search Branches" item in the left nav that queries branches across all repositories.
  • Narrow that down by typing Exact branches: rP/master, rARC/master, rPHU/master or something, or you could use branch name: master to get all master branches across all repos, or just use the "All Branches Across Everything" default query to approximate what this panel does.
  • Save the query.
  • Make a panel from it.

And branches could also show build status in Diffusion itself.

We could also reasonably let repositories have the build status of their default branch, I think, in terms of UI presentation? At least for now...