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Accept pushes with arbitrary Git refs

Authored by epriestley on Apr 14 2019, 6:57 PM.



Depends on D20419. Ref T13277. Fixes T8936. Fixes T9383. Fixes T12300. When you push arbitrary refs to Phabricator, the push log currently complains if those refs are not tags or branches.

Upstream Git now features "notes", and there's no reason to prevent writes to arbitrary refs, particularly beause we plan to start using them soon (see T13278).

Allow these writes as affecting raw refs.

Test Plan
  • Pushed an arbitrary ref.
  • Pushed some Git notes.
  • Wrote a Herald ref rule, saw "ref" in the dropdown.

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amckinley added inline comments.

So [branch, tag, ref] is exhaustive? And we can't regex on it?

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Apr 17 2019, 6:49 PM

Everything is a ref, named refs/something/something. I'm pretty sure you can't push anywhere else -- if you try, Git assumes you're pushing to a branch:

$ git push origin HEAD:not-refs/blah/blah
$ git ls-remote origin
eae726bc814e71b61c3f58c891866647ad6a649f	refs/heads/not-refs/blah/blah

Refs beginning with refs/heads/ are branches. Refs beginning with refs/tags/ are tags.

This is not exhaustive. Git supports notes today (in refs/notes/) and various other systems define things that we could arguably say aren't "just" refs, like refs/pull.

All of these are refs, they just may also be some other kind of more convenient/common object that users are more familiar with.

The REFTYPE stuff is just for convenience -- it only affects these things:

  • How the ref is shown in the push logs.
  • The Herald "Ref Type" rule.

We could call everything a "ref", this would just be a little less nice since users would need to interact with "refs/heads/master" instead of "master".

We could also go crazy and label every kind of magic ref we can find in the wild (and it might be reasonable to do this at some point). I'm not sure if they're all refs/<x>/ or not. We may being introducing refs/virtual/staging/... soon, and in some future world could label this as a "Staging Base Commit" or something, I guess?

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