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When you make the file tree huge, scroll to the right, and then toggle it, stop it from growing

Authored by epriestley on Apr 11 2018, 8:57 PM.



Depends on D19346. Ref PHI568. I love Javascript.

Test Plan
  • Viewed a revision.
  • Dragged file tree view really wide.
  • Scrolled document to the right.
  • Toggled file tree off and on by pressing "f" twice.
    • Before patch: file tree grew wider and wider after it was toggled.
    • After patch: file tree stayed the same size after it was toggled.
  • Dragged to various widths and reloaded to make sure the "sticky across reloads" behavior still works.
  • Scrolled right, dragged the tree a bit, then reloaded and didn't see it flip out.

Diff Detail

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