Remove the dashboard "template" workflow


Remove the dashboard "template" workflow

Depends on D20364. Ref T13272. When you create a dashboard, we currently give you a modal choice between an empty dashboard and a "simple template" dashboard.

Remove this choice, and create an empty dashboard in all cases instead.

I think this template dashboard flow isn't terribly useful, and is partly covering over other deficiencies in the workflow. I'm fixing many of those and suspect we can get away without this now. Users on this flow also may not really know what they want. This also contributes to having a lot of extra unmoored panels floating around.

If we did rebuild this, I'd like to address more specific use cases and probably build it as "Add a Template Panel..." or similar, as an action you can use to quickly update an existing workboard. This would be a lot more flexible than create-a-whole-template-board.

Test Plan: Created a new board, no more "template: yes or no?" gate.

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