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During arc land harbormaster failure, cannot tell if "arc lint" or "arc unit" failed
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I see a message somewhat like this.

Harbormaster failed to build the active diff for this revision. Build failures:

     FAILED  Build 52326: arc lint + arc unit

You can review build details here:

    Harbormaster URI:

    Land revision anyway, despite build failures? [y/N] y

From this message, I can't tell if it's a lint failure or unit failure without clicking through. This becomes a hinderance when the internal policy for lint and unit differ.

T8856 appears to help with the issue if it were expanded to show both lint and unit errors, but I would prefer not to combine lint/unit into one monolith in the results since they do fundamentally different operations.

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The expectation is that you'll remember what the issue was, since arc diff printed the specific problems earlier and you already explicitly confirmed that you wanted to continue despite the issues.

My personal experience is that I'm nearly always able to remember, and in the rare cases when I don't it isn't a big deal to remind myself via the web UI. Does your experience differ? Is there any particular reason that you can't remember? (Maybe you submit a lot more diffs than I do.)

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@angie, I added you to Community so you should have sweeping powers on this install now.

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