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Support viewerprojects() and implement viewerpackages() in Audit ApplicationSearch
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I'm trying to replace the default homepage (PhabricatorHomeMainController) with dashboards and have been unable to recreate the audit query. Specifically I want to be able to say something like "open audits in viewerprojects()"but audit does not seem to support search functions (PhabricatorProjectLogicalDatasource?) . We tend to have a lot of audits flying around so showing all audits is way to large of a list, and trying to create per team dashboards with hand crafted lists of projects is no fun.

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Are you at HEAD / does this problem still exist on this install?

It looks like viewerprojects(), specifically, isn't included in these sources at HEAD.

There's also no viewerpackages() but probably should be.

Sorry I had several instances of phabricator up comparing results and must have messed up which one was which. As you pointed out viewerprojects() specifically (which really is the one I was interested in) is not available on this install.

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I've marked D17192 as resolving this because viewer() now means "viewer, their projects, and their packages", like Differential. exact(<user>) can be used for exactly a specific user.

I assume this covers the original request and the desire was ultimately just to build dashboards, which should now be straightforward. Feel free to file a followup if there's some narrower remaining use case for viewerprojects() / viewerpackages().

Something like exactviewer() has come up in the past too, I'm not sure if there's a real use case for that or not. It's ripe for a followup if there is (there might be a task somewhere already too?).