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Redirect loop after fresh installation
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After an installation and configuration (last step: Storage: Configuring MySQL) of Phabricator, the base URL redirects to http://192.168.x.x/auth/register/ and stops due to permanent redirect.

This is the output for debug.stop-on-redirect true:

Stopped on Redirect

You were stopped here because debug.stop-on-redirect is set in your configuration.

You are being redirected to: http://192.168.x.x/auth/register/

Depth	Library	File	Where
6	phabricator	applications/auth/controller/PhabricatorAuthStartController.php : 65	AphrontRedirectResponse::__construct()
5	phabricator	aphront/AphrontController.php : 71	                                PhabricatorAuthStartController::handleRequest()
4	phabricator	applications/base/controller/PhabricatorController.php : 201	        AphrontController::delegateToController()
3	phabricator	aphront/configuration/AphrontApplicationConfiguration.php : 224	        PhabricatorController::willBeginExecution()
2	phabricator	aphront/configuration/AphrontApplicationConfiguration.php : 149	        AphrontApplicationConfiguration::processRequest()
1		        /phabricator/phabricator/webroot/index.php : 17	                        AphrontApplicationConfiguration::runHTTPRequest()

Any ideas how to solve this? Thank you.

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We need more information here, probably. Some step was missing or misconfigured or done out of order, perhaps, hard to guess without knowing what all you did when installing Phabricator.

Is this a new, clean install of Phabricator? Are there already user accounts?

Thank you for your reply.

This is a new installation of Phabricator in a OpenSuse 13.2 virtual machine. I followed the installation guide and installed all LAMP components (Apache 2.4.10, PHP 5.6.1). APC is not installed.

I configured the VHost for Apache. When I accessed the IP address of the VM at this point, it told me to run ./bin/storage upgrade (as explained in the configuration guide). After I ran this command, I got to my mentioned problem (redirect loop).

So far, there are no user accounts.

How could I proceed? Thank you in advance.

When I accessed the IP address of the VM at this point.

Have you not set up a domain name yet?

When I accessed the IP address of the VM at this point.

Have you not set up a domain name yet?

No, so far I am using the IP address because this phabricator instance should not be accessible from the internet but only from a local network.

Do you think, this could be the problem?

I attached what happens in Firefox (or Chromium) when I try to access phabricator.

snapshot.png (965×1 px, 122 KB)

Thank you, I will look into it. Do you have any idea why this worked with the IP address on another machine (a "normal" computer, not a VM)?

Yes, because it could help solve my problem.

Sorry, my question was are still having issues after following the guide?

Without being able to reproduce your issue as stated, we're not likely to spend any more time on this ticket unless another person runs into it.

I will get assistance from a friend in a few days, I will mark this ticket as solved (and explain how to solve it) as soon as we figure it out. Or comment again if we are not able to solve the problem by setting up a domain name.

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Changing the virtualhost configuration to the domain name and changing permissions in httpd.conf was sufficient. Thank you. (Still I am wondering why setting up the IP address was sufficient in another installation of Phabricator, but didn't work in this one).