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Display when builds happen with status somewhere handy, like the differential timeline
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Harbormaster actions (such as the build passing) used to be part of the differential timeline:

What I am doing a now is a lot of testing and re-starting builds. Form differential the only way to tell that a new build finished is that the artifact url (T8659) has changed. The buildable itself has a timeline, but that just shows the most recent status and when I restarted it, but not the history of pass/fails. This is moderately annoying when debugging builds and restarting them a lot, although I do not expect that to be the common case.

I'm worried about cases like:

  • R: Hey the code looks okay but why does test X fail?
  • A: (hits button) No they pass.
  • R: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • R: Please fix x.
  • A: (fixes x, some flakey test fails)
  • R: Wait did the tests fail before?

But I have not used Harbormaster enough 'for real' to run into those. I'm also unsure if the 'just put it in the timeline' approach is viable when a diff kicks off multiple builds.

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Some additional discussion in T8650.

Harbormaster should show buildable history better, although I also expect restarts to be rare in "reasonable" test suites.

(This may be naive, and possibly we should assume that a large fraction of builds in real-world scenarios produce different results when repeated and that restarts will be common, but I feel like we have a stronger moral position here than on other philosophical issues because there's more general agreement that flaky tests which depend on flaky external services are bad.)

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This should work again now. The behavior probably needs refinement -- I don't remember exactly where we left it and I think there was some disagreement about who should or shouldn't receive build failure notifications before D10911 accidentally disabled this, but I think T9892 and other Harbormaster tasks discuss most of that.