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Show badges in Ponder Answers
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Somehow, somewhere.

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We should fix the bug where badges don't show for stuff like this, too:

|    |  epriestley minor story ...
+----+  epriestley major story ...
          blah blah 30,000 words

I can probably fix that and dump badges into Ponder in some dumb way for you and then you can fix the UI.

should badges be on handles?

Ah, quite.

I don't want to put badges on handles since I anticipate some badges being awarded by context later (e.g., maybe a "Task Author" badge, or "Ponder Moderator" -- these badges would only show in some contexts). If we do want to do that eventually, handles won't have enough information to know how to build them, since handles don't know which page/object they're loading for.

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