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Show which commits were included in a merge commit in Herald emails
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We use a merge based deployment workflow with a special branch and some post-receive hooks.
I've setup a herald rule which looks for the merge commits (indicating a deployment) in this special branches and send out emails to the team containing information about what did just go live.

However by default it will just show the merge commit info and not what was merged with it.
The attached patch will check if the commit in the email is a merge and if it is will get the merged commits authors/summary and add a section to the email for it.

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I want to add this kind of stuff as custom fields with options, after T6030. These aren't useful or desirable for all users, and if we add every option which someone wants we'll end up with email which isn't very useful to anyone.

attached revision adds the feature as a customfield to diffusion (like branches & tags). However diffusion has no diffusion.fields config yet so currently i can't disable it by default.
Additional configurability for the customfields would be nice but would in this case only allow to set the max no. of commits shown.

Would you be ok with this for now if i add the diffusion.fields config and disable it?

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Thanks! :)