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Diffusion -> show raw file doesn't always render text
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If you browse to to a commit in diffusion and click View Options -> Show Raw File (Right) it sometimes displays the contents and sometimes jumps to a temporary file which you then have to download to view.

Consider the difference between the following to files from the same commit:

This might exist in differential too, unsure.

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The MIME type of these files is detected differently (text/plain vs text/x-php). We can probably force these to text/plain safely in all cases, but this has some security implications.

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You can also whitelist MIME types in files.viewable-mime-types as a workaround.

How can you support all files that can gitblit can view in raw.

You need to have your admin add mime types to files.viewable-mime-types config.

Would you be able to do it in a config file or would it have to be done online throught the admin pref for phabricator if it is done through config then Wikimedia open source the file so that any one can propose to change what it does.


We are not Wikimedia. You need to discuss this with your admins. See .

Specifically, you want to run the following command. This is just the default value + php.

./bin/config set files.viewable-mime-types '{
  "image/jpeg": "image/jpeg",
  "image/jpg": "image/jpg",
  "image/png": "image/png",
  "image/gif": "image/gif",
  "text/plain": "text/plain; charset=utf-8",
  "text/x-diff": "text/plain; charset=utf-8",
  "image/x-ico": "image/x-icon",
  "image/x-icon": "image/x-icon",
  "image/": "image/x-icon",
  "audio/x-wav": "audio/x-wav",
  "application/ogg": "application/ogg",
  "audio/mpeg": "audio/mpeg",
  "text/x-php": "text/x-php"

This is what it currently looks like


'image/jpeg': 'image/jpeg'
'image/jpg': 'image/jpg'
'image/png': 'image/png'
'image/gif': 'image/gif'
'text/plain': 'text/plain; charset=utf-8'
'text/x-diff': 'text/plain; charset=utf-8'
'image/': 'image/x-icon'
'audio/x-wav': 'audio/x-wav'
'application/ogg': 'application/ogg'
'audio/mpeg': 'audio/mpeg'

Thanks @epriestley and @avivey, we'll (WMF) fix the issue on our end :)

@paladox: debugging of our Phab install should happen in our Phab instance.

(For those curious and want to waste time, see ) ;)

Hi the workaround works for mobile devices not desktops and laptops.

@paladox who are you talking to, specifically, the upstream or Wikimedia?

I am asking phabricator. Since viewing raw php files doesn't work on deskop or laptop. So I am not sure what to set.

Then please follow our bug reporting guide: Contributing Bug Reports

Hi this files.viewable-mime-types doesn't seem to apply to desktop since testing using an iPhone 6 plus using safari and using a windows 10, edge and internet explorer the iPhone seems to register files.viewable-mime-types and follows what ever is set in it but on desktop it doesn't since for example going to on iPhone and then click download it lets you view the raw without needing to download but doing the same on desktop doesn't it downloads the file instead of viewing the file in raw.