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Allow Merge Duplicates to work in either direction
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Since we're looking at having the Blocking dialogs go both directions on tasks (T4788), we can also extend a similar design solution to the Merge Duplicates dialog.

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I agree. The first many times I had to do this I kept trying to do something like
ActionChange StatusClose As Duplicate

It's not bad once you train yourself, but still feels a little odd.

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Please see regarding requesting features, specifically we just want to know the problem you are having with Phabricator.

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@sshannin, I would also consider just having the Close As Duplicate pop a dialog to select the master task.

Yeah, that seems like the most intuitive thing to me.

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Basically I agree that the triaging workflow of duplicates could be better, maybe this is two different tasks.

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Filed T7820 as a separate task.

I don't think this makes sense separate from T7820.

The current dialog is a multi-select dialog, because it makes sense to merge multiple duplicates into a single destination at once. It doesn't make sense to go the other way (close one task as a duplicate of multiple other tasks), so there's no sensible way to adjust this dialog in a minor way to make it a "merge into" dialog: it's fundamentally a "merge here" dialog.

If we have to present the user with a modal choice anyway, the workflow described in T7820 seems preferable.

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