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Diffusion commit pages should mention plain commit hash somewhere
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It is rather annoying that on pages like not once anywhere on the page or in the url does it contain a plain commit hash.

The internal identifier is a superset of the commit hash but that is not human-readable or easily selectable. Having urls contain a slash like /r/MW/:hash or diffusion/MW/commit/:hash would make this easier. Or by at least mentioning it somewhere on the page.

As a user I want to be able to easily select the hash and use it elsewhere (either for performing actions via Git directly, or when using other git viewers and mirrors).

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also maybe have a copy-hash-to-clipboard widget (requires flash?)

Being able to grab the changeset-id/commit-hash while looking through repository history would be very useful. Currently I have to copy the link from the breadcrumb, paste into text editor, copy the changeset while avoiding the callsign. It's doable but having the plaintext available on the page, or a copy-to-clipboard (I don't think this can be done in pure javascript), would be nice to have.