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Change all the colors in Differential
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Every color needs deep, serious rethinking.

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"Code review should be fun!" - even if everything is in shades of blue and grey

I googled that and D11918 was the first result

hahaha, even Incognito returns it first.

MAKING WAVES MAN, MAKING WAVES congrats, you invented a new color

Have you had any feedback about red/green being difficult for colorblind users?

We have many colorblind users of Phabricator and Differential and we've not heard any issues, but there are also many different kinds of colorblindness. The intent on our color use is merely a secondary indicator, and generally will not be the sole indicator of a status. Differential for example, could be enhanced by using + and - columns.

In testing with we haven't noticed anything particularly difficult to a color blind user of Differential, so I don't know if there is any immediate need to pursue any additional changes.

This task though is mostly a joke, I only intend to bring the colors inline with our common color palette.

We have at least one piece of feedback from a red/green colorblind user that the current color scheme doesn't cause a problem (see T3127#32078), although it's possible this wouldn't extend to the unified view.

If you're colorblind and having difficulty using anything (or work with someone who is), let us know -- we try not to communicate anything exclusively through the use of color, but might be missing something. In the worst case, it would be easy to add an option that switched to orange/blue or some other palette. See also T4843.