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Notification / Message icons should update in real-time
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I tend to have several tabs to a phabricator instance open.

Lets say you have 2 tabs, A, B

You get some notifications. the Title and Notifications icon show (3) notifications
On tab B I click and select mark all as read.
Tab A still shows a (3) in the title and on the notifications icon.

Clicking mark all as read should affect the other tabs as well.

This only applies to realtime notifications.

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Conpherence is the only realtime updating application.

That's not exactly what I mean. The only app with live updating UI is Conpherence. No other UI auto updates. Notification bubbles are not live updating, they are just notifications that something happened. You always have to reload to see the changes.

Notification bubbles do live update if you use aphlict, well, they live increment, they don't live clear themselves which is the issue im getting at.

I think term "live update" is confusing this here. Maybe a better way, at least as I understand it, is only Conpherence's UI is kept in sync. Notifications are not kept in sync with the server, they're just sent and the individual tab deals with it. Changes are not pushed back up and then back down again. Though I am just a lowly Jr Support Intern, so maybe I am wrong about the current state of Aphlict. haha

(I would like this to work like you state regardless, it's just as I expect it to work currently).

Yea, when writing this I wasn't really sure what term to use, lets see what Evan says :P

I intend to keep the colors/counts in the menu (plus the count in the page title) in sync across windows eventually. Generally, more stuff will probably sync in the future than it does now, although I don't currently plan to ever make transactions sync in the general case (but we'll see).

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@stophi, this is essentially the same. Phabricator does not currently update the 'jewels' or 'messages/notifications' in real-time. Would love to, just haven't built it.

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