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Write an `--output <file>` mode for `storage dump` which can gzip
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We're doing some real stupid garbage in the Phacility deployment scripts right now to get a safe database dump:

// NOTE: We're using `set -o pipefail` so this command fails if any
// part (in particular, the `bin/storage dump`) fails. This is specific
// to bash and the default shell is dash under Ubuntu, so we need to
// invoke bash explicitly.

$command = csprintf(
  'set -o pipefail && PHACILITY_INSTANCE=%s %s dump | gzip > %s',

$t_start = microtime(true);
try {
  execx('/bin/bash -c %s', $command);
} catch (CommandException $ex) {
  try {
    // Try to remove the possibly-empty but certainly-invalid file, if
    // it exists.
  } catch (Exception $ex) {
    // If anything went wrong, ignore the cleanup failure; we just want
    // to raise the root cause.
  throw $ex;
$t_end = microtime(true);

This would be enormously cleaner (and more portable) as:

bin/storage dump --gzip --outfile <filename>

One tricky bit is that we should ideally handle this in a stream-oriented way -- not by buffering the entire dump into memory, gzipping it, and then writing it to disk. This may be a little tricky to do safely since I don't think we do anything similar elsewhere yet.

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I'm running into a need for this to make automated export reliable, too, and don't really want to put a second copy of set -o pipefail in the codebase.

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This seems to be working, I think the last step is replacing the original call in the backup workflow.

rCORE9d89c996844c4599afc1cec9454a71dd80a69c6c threw out the -o pipefail nonsense in CoreHostBackupWorkflow.