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Make it more clear which Workboard Column is 'default'
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It can become confusing, since we let you rename and move the default column, which is the default if you are new to a particular project's Workboard. I think these also used to be darkgrey ?

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Currently the default workboard column can not be changed. You can work around this by doing a rename + drag a bunch of tasks around cycle. The work around isn't terrible but this has independently confused just about every team here setting up workboards for the first time.

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What are you suggesting, a button or something that says this is the default board now or just the very concept of a default? What specifically are people confused by?

Ideally something like: WorkboardEdit a columnIs default: boolean

They are confused because they create a workboard with a bunch of nice columns. Then put a hundred tickets into their nice new board and are sad/confused that they didn't end up in the column they put at the far left or thought was the default. And then doing the rename and drag dance with a more than a few tickets is annoying.

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The default board is the one with the icon, perhaps it should be made even more clear. My concern is if it was more clear which column the default was, would we need to build this feature at all? We try to make sure we're resolving the core issue.

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I think we can stem most of this with better design, and see if other use cases for manually setting the default appear down the road.

So I think making it more clear which one is default is good. However, even not-confused users find it annoying and error prone to have to drag dozens of tasks around to change the default via the rename dance.

T5523 covers moving stuff on Workboards in bulk.

Can you walk me through the specific use case in moving a default panel? Is it something like:

  • "Alpha" is the default, "Beta" is future
  • All tasks get assigned to "Alpha" automatically, some triage to "Beta".
  • "Alpha" completes.
  • All uncompleted tasks move to "Beta"
  • "Beta" is marked as default.
  • "Alpha" gets hidden.

"Move all tasks in this column" sounds generally pretty awesome to me.

It's not a planned every day part of a workflow. More like:

  • Set up a workboard with 'Story Queue' as the default.
  • Realize 'Story Queue' is getting too full of stuff as people tag the project and decide there should be an ''Inbox' column as the default.
  • Make an 'Inbox' column, put some tasks there to try it out and decide it's a pretty good workflow.
  • Make a new 'Temp -A' column.
  • Move tasks from 'Story Queue' to 'Temp-A'.
  • Move tasks from 'Inbox' to 'Temp-B'
  • Rename 'Story-Queue' to 'Inbox'.
  • Rename 'Inbox' to 'Story Queue'.
  • Rearrange columns so 'Inbox' is in the right spot.
  • Move tasks from Temp-B to Inbox.
  • Move tasks from 'Temp-A' to 'Story Queue'.
  • Move all tickets in Story .

Yeah, I think T5523 makes this much less painful:

  • Click "Move all to new column..."
  • Give Column a name of 'Story Queue'
  • Rename old 'Story Queue' to 'Inbox'