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Unable to change default column in workboard
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I'm pretty sure I used to be able to modify the default column in a workboard (would have been on stable around Sept/Oct).

I'm currently on stable (2016, week 8) and I cannot find any options or control to change which column is the default. I don't know if it got removed, lost in the project rework, or is no longer supported. Or maybe it's staring me in the face and I don't even realize it.

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For context, I'm trying to convert some projects over to use milestones. Previously we were just using several independent projects. What I'm trying to do is change the default column in the milestone, so I can bulk move tasks from a workboard column in the 'old' project, and have them land in the right place.

I don't believe we've ever supported this.

I can't find any evidence that this feature existed circa Oct 1 2015, and don't recall writing it or removing it.