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Add Projects field in Projects
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A (simple?) proposal in the way to achieve T3670: Add subprojects:

Add a Projects field in Projects, exactly the same that Maniphest tasks have. The main purpose being an aid to describe a project and a navigation cue to related projects.

This would open many more possibilities (semantic relationships, big overview of a Phabricator instance, etc) but just for the sake of getting things done, I would ignore all that in order to provide this simple and sweet feature sooner than later.

I have started doing this manually in project descriptions and I find it useful. Hoever, this is not as inviting and convenient as a dedicated field with type-ahead. See for instance

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We had this before and removed it. It was really confusing because users would, for example, search for tasks tagged with "Superproject" and expect to find tasks tagged with subprojects, but since the relationship was only skin-deep things didn't work like that.

You can effectively do this by using the "Description" field to just list Subprojects: #a, #b, etc., by convention.

Oh, you mentioned that. Yeah, not as convenient. But the skin-deep field we had before was a huge support headache and we just want to implement the right fix (T3670), not return to a bandaided state of affairs.

It's possible to implement a typeaheaded Subprojects field as a custom field:

However, I'd discourage this in the general case because of how confusing users seemed to find this feature when we had it.

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