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Improve error message / UX when fields are specified twice in revision information
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@zeeg reports a user putting "Reviewers: Let me tell you a story about reviewers ..." in a summary (presumably via web UI) and then receiving an unclear error when updating with arc diff:

[2014-09-08 08:59:36] EXCEPTION: (ArcanistDifferentialCommitMessageParserException) Field "reviewerPHIDs" occurs twice in commit message! at [/home/.../.arc_install/arcanist/src/differential/ArcanistDifferentialCommitMessage.php:79]

This is because there are now two "Reviewers" fields. We should possibly try to make the parser figure this out, or at least improve the clarity of the error.

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I've run into this problem by copy pasting my commit message into the description field so that I can update the description when my commit updates. If I also copy in the metadata fields, this breaks the parser, e.g.

[2015-08-05 19:44:11] EXCEPTION: (ArcanistDifferentialCommitMessageParserException) Field "test
Plan" occurs twice in commit message! at [<arcanist>/src/differential/ArcanistDifferentialCommi

This is extremely confusing because the failure to parse the commit message has nothing to do with the local commit message (which is fine); it's the remote message that Arcanist retrieved and is now attempting to parse. (It's unclear to the user why Phabricator should even care about such a message.)

Isn't the right answer to make the web interface reject things that would choke the parser?

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Isn't the right answer to make the web interface reject things that would choke the parser?

After D16846, the web interface rejects ambiguous summaries and test plans.

Note that arc diff --verbatim / arc diff --edit -- or updating fields by editing them via the web UI, rather than the CLI, and letting arc propagate the change itself -- are likely easier than editing from the CLI and then copy-pasting into the web UI.

  • After D17122, we will raise this error with the human-readable field name (like "Test Plan") instead of the internal field key (like "testPlan").
  • T12053 discusses an expectation that fields are parsed as remarkup and fields inside ``` blocks are ignored. Commit messages are not parsed as remarkup, and I do not plan to parse them as remarkup. See T11085 for some additional discussion.

At some point, the CLI for this also got cleaned up and now shows a more human-readable error:

$ arc diff --create
Commit message has errors:

      - Field "Reviewers" occurs twice in commit message!

You must resolve these errors to continue.

    Do you want to edit the message? [Y/n]