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Change "Pending Differential Revisions" into "Recent Pending Differential Revisions"
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D9306 adds a config option to allow non-authors to abandon revisions. Possibly admins should always be able to perform this action, as a way to clean up data on an install.

In particular, this install has a lot of stale revisions that should be abandoned. These don't really do any harm, but they do mess up the "open revisions affecting these files" stuff.

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Possibly this is better suited for a policy rather than a config option.

If the major issue is "Open Revisions Affecting These Files", maybe a better approach would be to change that to "Open Revisions Affecting These Files, Updated in the Last 30 Days"?

I like the idea of a policy option to let me unleash excessively attentive people on our install to keep it clean without giving every user a way to mess things up.

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