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Maybe make clicking a task on workboards edit it
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The Trello interaction with cards seems mostly better than ours:

  • Click the card to edit.
  • Click-and-drag to move.

I think we can probably do something similar.

A distinction is that we have a meaningful link target (the task detail page) while Trello does not, but there are various ways we could try to retain that functionality while making it easier to edit tasks. This also reclaims a lot of space currently dedicated to pencil icons.

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An issue with this in general, which is discussed to some degree in T5672, is that tasks really have two views: "edit" (no comments) and "view" (with comments). It's not clear which view we should pop when a user clicks a card.

Possibly we should have some sort of weird chimera view with edit up top and then the comments.

Most people want to view the comments mode, with task details. Maybe default to that, but then have a toggle for showing the edit controls instead?

Can we toss it in a dialog and see if it seems weird? Edit is already it's own button.

Oh. Yeah it might seem weird. This might require design resources.

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I think this is safe to close. I don't see much gained in being able to easily edit the title, when there a dozen other fields to possibly edit. The current state with edit icon seems to work reasonably well.

I don't imagine click-to-edit-the-title-inline, my thinking was more like the entire card becomes the edit button. Right now, you have to click a fairly tiny icon on the right hand side, and there's no real reason we couldn't let you click anywhere on the card, with some caveats.

(I want to at least try this and see how it feels, it also interacts with T5523 if we want to add a per-task context menu.)

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Ah sorry, I misunderstood the ticket then when it mentioned editing like Trello. In theory we could swap and make the title pull up edit and then switch the side pencil to maybe a 'document' or something that pulls up the timeline in a dialog.

We have some plans to explore other approaches to "view with comments". I think that's probably the right action overall, and the new edit treatment feels good to me.