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Make the default view of dashboards be just the dashboard
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Right now, when you view a dashboard it has a bunch of chrome up top (edit history, metadata, actions, etc). Instead:

  • The default view should just have the panels (no properties, no history).
  • There should be a link in the upper right corner to "Edit Dashboard".
  • Clicking it should take you to the current view, which has the properties and history. We'll also add edit controls here.

Basically, the default view should be clean and uncluttered, and all the metadata stuff should still be accessible but require a click to get to, since it's presumably rare that anyone will care about it.

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So just making sure I understand:

  • The new "manage" page will, in essence, have the spirit of the current "view" page.
  • "Edit Dashboard" will remain and preserve functionality
  • "Arrange Dashboard" will no longer be necessary, as the panels will already be available for arranging in the "manage" page
  • "Install Dashboard" will remain and preserve functionality
  • "Add Panel" will no longer be required, again, because there will be an "Add Panel" button in the dashboard view.

Did I get that right?

Should we just put "Install" and "Edit" as Crumb actions? It seems weird to go to edit then click install.

What should appear on the "/view/{id}" page if dashboard doesn't have any panels?

It's fine for nothing to show up for now. At some point we should make it have a message like "This dashboard doesn't have any panels yet. Use Manage Dashboard to add panels."

The create dashboard workflow should probably also dump users out at the manage screen, not the view screen, so they can add panels directly.