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Add CC: to Phriction Documents
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Wiki pages should be able to add subscriber or cc: people. further a inline comment function and review acceptance would be good as well.

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Having some kind of share/CC functionality on Wiki pages seems completely reasonable to me.

For review, see some discussion in T3353 and T1894.

chad renamed this task from add cc: and review wiki pages to Add CC: to Phriction Documents.Jul 26 2015, 8:11 PM

Subscribing myself to a Wiki page is already possible. It is also possible to subscribe other people by @mentioning them in the page's content.

  • Will it also be possible to subscribe entire projects?
  • Will it be possible to inherit subscriptions from a higher ([[higher/lower]]) page in the hierarchy?
    • Will Opt-Out be implemented? E.g. subscribe #theproject to [[higher]], but allow users to unsubscribe themselves from [[higher/lower]] and its subpages?

Comment from T9292: I assumed I could @mention them in the Edit Notes and thus trigger a notification and subscription, which would allow me to point them directly to the changes I made and in addition leave them some information why they receive the notification and what I expect from them. Instead @mentions in the Edit Notes have no effect on the subscriptions/notifications.