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Inform other users about changes in Phriction documents
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I would like to inform another user about changes I made to a Phriction document. Specifically: I need to ask a colleague to review the document.

What I can currently do to solve this:

  • I can send him an email (or a Conpherence message) manually, which is one step extra.
  • I can @mention him inside the document, which looks badly in the document.

What I expected to be able to:

  • I assumed I could @mention them in the Edit Notes and thus trigger a notification and subscription, which would allow me to point them directly to the changes I made and in addition leave them some information why they receive the notification and what I expect from them. Instead @mentions in the Edit Notes have no effect on the subscriptions/notifications.

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T4099 is CC'ing users on Phriction changes, T3353 is making changes require review.

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I consider CC'ing a lightweight first-step towards / alternative to reviews. Thus marking this as a duplicate of T4099.

@chad: Thanks for the hints! I had forgotten about the other tasks and they didn't turn up for my search terms.