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Add relations between commits
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Currently it is not possible to link commits/revisions together. This would be helpful if you only use the "audit" mode.
If somebody raises a concern you can than add a relation with a type like "fixed in rFOOO123".
The relation type should also be adjustable for each relation (fixed, done, introduced ...)

We are not using Maniphest and so we cant use this at central relation.

Revisions and Commits

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How about this, it's solved or not?

Also interested in this. Our team plans on using the audit tool for code reviews, it be good if when a developer has made any suggested changes and re-committed that the old open audit could be closed/linked to the latest commit rather than having to comment on the old one with a link to the changed copy and just closing the old one manually.

I'm going to merge this into T2393, where I'll discuss this shortly.