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Export feed as RSS
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The feed could be exported as RSS. Like i.e. Redmine is doing with the activity feed.

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This is fairly reasonable, but should probably wait until various feed improvments land and some of the T1271: Jabber Integration stuff happens.

My sense is also that RSS is a technology on the way out?


I'm not too familiar with it but I remember a lot of issues with authentication at Facebook. What are the reasons you're interested in an RSS feed?

As a workaround, you could write a script which calls feed.query and reformats the output with XML instead of JSON.

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Seems resonble, may I'm geting old. But I have i.e. all my Feeds from Redmine etc. connected to Google Reader. The authentication allways was an issue and is "solved" by a encrypted URL work a bit like an API key. Anyway building an RSS fedd from feed.query would work of course. Its low priority anyway, so I can wait for that.

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Atom feeds as a technology have mostly replaced RSS. Atom is just as simple and since the original use case was like Redmine, Redmine actually provides Atom feeds (I'm migrating from Redmine to Phabricator and just had a user ask me about this today).

Just a collateral thought. Even if feeds might be in decline as a technology for individual use by the masses, it is still a pretty convenient technology for exporting/publishing Phabricator content somewhere else. Even if the Conduit API allows you to do so, there are so many ready-made extensions, plugins, and gadgets that will embed an RSS/Atom feed in your website / app.

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I don't realistically anticipate us ever pursuing this. It's a very low priority and its priority is likely to decline over time as RSS continues to decline.

T6817 discusses our plans to remove other features in this vein (notably, feed.public), including some of the challenges these features present. We believe this similar feature sees almost no use today.

T5462 discusses supported mechanisms for publishing events into remote systems.

Phabricator has also supported logged-out access since late 2013, which addresses some of the original use cases (we removed our own embedded external feed stuff after opening this instance up).

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RSS feeds have a clear use-case: that of viewing recent events at a dozen of websites without visiting each of these web sites by hand and without spamming email with messages I don't intend to reply to.

Since some point a Phabricator instance is in the list of websites whose recent events I would like to watch, so please re-consider your decision to close this task. Thank you.

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We don't plan on pursuing this in the upstream. Mainly, it affects too few people, and in ways that are duplicative of other Phabricator features. The core team wouldn't be able prioritize building something like that. There is no reason a third party couldn't build this and offer it on Community Resources if interested.

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Is there a way to query the notification feed ( using the conduit API or something? I have built a notifications app for windows that currently works off scraping the HTML on that page since I cannot find a suitable API for it.