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Support customization of the default global search scope
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See PHI29. The default behavior of the global search in the menu bar is not currently configurable, but it's backed by a standard setting and can be made configurable (since approximately T4103).

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epriestley created this task.

I think I missed one case here: the global preference will currently show custom personal queries for the viewing user, but selecting these queries won't work (at least, not completely) for other users. Instead, the control should offer only hard-coded options and global queries.

There may also be no Application in contexts where we want to render a global search menu, notably the 404 page:

Argument 2 passed to PhabricatorMainMenuSearchView::getGlobalSearchScopeItems() must be an instance of PhabricatorApplication, null given, called in /Users/epriestley/dev/core/lib/phabricator/src/view/page/menu/PhabricatorMainMenuSearchView.php on line 194