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CircleCI 1.0 sunsets on August 31, 2018; CircleCI 2.0 can not work with Phabricator
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CircleCI is sunsetting "CircleCI 1.0" on August 31, 2018.

CircleCI 2.0 does not appear to support webhooks. Evidence:

  • No discussion of webhooks in the documentation.
  • This post from a CircleCI employee says they aren't supported.

Phabricator can not interact with CircleCI without webhook support (notably, it has no way to learn about build results), so we can not add CircleCI 2.0 support to Phabricator.

All CircleCI builds will presumably stop working after August 31, 2018. We will likely remove CircleCI support from the upstream if they do.

If you currently use Phabricator + CircleCI, you can:

  • continue to use them separately;
  • convince CircleCI to restore webhook support; or
  • switch to a different build system.

(We have no leverage on CircleCI and it took them about 6 months and multiple false starts to fix a clearly-defined bug with their API in 2015 (see this thread and T9456) so I'm not willing to spearhead the charge on trying to convince them to restore webhook support.)

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The actual evidence about webhooks is a little spotty and it's possible that they "work" and are just undocumented and not officially supported. It's possible that CircleCI just needs a nudge to actually document/support them.

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